save the emails


Why, it's where emails lay to rest. Here's an example - do you usually ignore those long, wordy emails that don't even show up properly on your mobile phone screen? We do. In fact, it's one click to the trash bin, even if it's from a company that we've once subscribed to. Are you guilty of sending emails that are doomed for the graveyard? We're here to fix that.

send beautifully crafted emails


It's goodbye to boring and unattractive emails, and hello to beautifully designed ones. And forget about your seemingly easy drag and drop email template. Sit back and let us design a fully customized bespoke email for your brand.

be viewable across devices


We're mobile, and our emails should be too. Stop sending emails that don't load properly on your customers' mobile phones or tablets. With our help, you can be rest assured that your email looks great on just about any device.

create magic with code


It's all about making the pretty stuff functional. Unlike most, we do it with a purely in-house development team, and we'll bring your ideas to life through coding excellence that upholds web standards.

find out what works


Though often neglected, it's the best way to find out what works with your customers. We'll help you split test all your emails, be it subject line, images, or copy, so your future campaigns will have the most desirable results.

target the masses simultaneously


We're flexible. That means you can have both on-demand and campaign-based eDMs - whichever floats your boat. The best part? Unlimited subscribers. That's right, we offer a flat pricing even if your list of subscribers continues to grow.

optimize for sales conversions


Who opened your email and what did they click in it? Get insights to fine-tune your marketing campaigns for higher sales conversions. And don't worry, we only send user-friendly reports that you can actually understand.

Email presence checked. Up next, tracking your campaigns.