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We see each business as a unique entity, with its own distinct needs. While we can’t give an exact cost, we CAN share the main factors that affect the scope of work and therefore, cost:

  1. Quantity of creatives: There’s a significant difference between
    1. 5x Facebook posts per week, vs
    2. 5x Facebook posts, 5x Instagram posts & 5x Instagram Stories per week
  2. Creative formats: In general, the more complex the creative format, the higher the cost. Think of a Static Image vs GIF vs Video, and you’ll get the idea.
  3. Community Management: Do you need help replying to messages from fans, or would you like to manage this in-house?
  4. Photography requirements: Do you have your own product assets, or would you like our photographers to shoot your products to create content for social media?

For estimates, service fees for a Social Media Management project range between SGD 2,500 – 5,500 per month. But please get in touch with us first – a better understanding of your company’s needs will allow for a more accurate quote.

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